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Fashion is a big part of our lives. Every day, millions of people make, sell or buy textile and footwear products. But there's a cost to people and the environment. Unsafe chemicals and production processes are polluting our planet. In 2011, the industry was challenged to tackle the issue and a coalition of leading brands took action. From this, the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme was born. ZDHC started driving the use of safer inputs and best practice - the industry’s detox had begun.

DETOX.Live shows everyone the results of that work, via a global picture of the Programme's impact. It shows which companies are changing their practices and how well the industry is performing overall.

Learn how shared information powers a global detox
Get real insights on a joint industry cleanup
See which suppliers are proactively making improvements

About DETOX.Live

Bringing everyone the bigger picture
Test Reports
Showcasing the industry's frontrunners

Every supplier on the DETOX.Live map is proactively engaged with safer production. They are making changes, controlling inputs to ensure safer outputs, testing wastewater, or running corrective action plans. It's all a core part of their business, one which we profit from with cleaner water, air and soil.

DETOX.Live maps out where these suppliers are and provides a platform to showcase these efforts.

Who's leading
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What can I see on DETOX.Live?


Colour coded indicators on the map show if suppliers meet ZDHC's requirements. Green means they got there, red not yet, and yellow are taking corrective action.

Zoom in functionality

Just zoom in for more information on a supplier. This helps everyone to learn more, especially brands in search of sustainable suppliers.

Verified data

Suppliers can submit verified test results to DETOX.Live. That data is checked in line with ZDHC’s requirements, so it’s transparent, accepted by everyone and easily shared.

Industry connections

DETOX.Live lets you flag relationships between brands and their suppliers. It highlights connections between facilities and brands from the ZDHC Community.


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