Powering Sustainability with Transparency

Experience a leading platform that offers a detailed overview of supply chains performances, in adherence with ZDHCs Guidelines. At the heart of DETOX.live you can discover the leaders of the Industry based on the Supplier to Zero Levels - a guiding light for industry frontrunners in sustainable sourcing

a global community with a shared vision
a global community with a shared vision

Bringing everyone the bigger picture

Navigate the path to sustainability with DETOX.Live’s interactive global map. Our tool showcases industry connections and product origins. Dive deep into the labyrinth of supply chain operations and experience unparalleled levels of transparency and accountability.

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* the data on the image is from May 2023
Why detox.live

Empowering transparency and sustainability

Transparent Global Impact

DETOX.Live understands the challenges brands face in maintaining a published supplier list on their own platforms. We provide brands an opportunity to leverage the ZDHC Gateway. Brands can now demonstrate where their products are made, contributing to transparency and illustrating their impact on a global level.

Supply chain Transparency

DETOX.Live was born out of a commitment to enhance transparency and foster sustainability within supply chain operations. In an era of global collaboration, our mission is to lead our global value chains to achieve the highest level for sustainable chemical management, driving resource efficiency and circularity.

Mapping Sustainable Commitment

Our public map serves a dual purpose - it provides a platform for industry leaders to showcase their commitment to responsible sourcing and also encourages participation from facilities and consumers in the sustainability journey.


Bringing everyone the bigger picture

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Embark on a journey with DETOX.Live and discover how it works. If you're eager to learn more or need further clarification, our ZDHC Knowledgebase is just a click away! Embark on your path towards greater knowledge and sustainable sourcing now.